Sunday, January 30, 2005

Where to live

OK so I need ideas as to where I should go. I wanna move... but I have to finish school of course. I am so sick of Vegas. I need to get out of here. It is a transient town and I keep going for the passer bys that have more personality, drive, life, and soul than any Vegas people I know. All the cool ones out here are from other places too . and they all move back to where they came from. This is not limited to relationships ... my best friends all moved as well. Zach is cool.... no responsibilities... just driving from place to place. He said I could come with him, but I can't do that. I just started this semester and I have a job and need a car soon when Heather gets out and I have people who rely on me in chorus and the quartet. I just don't want it anymore. Stage fright? HA! I never really had it in the first place but now that I just don't care... no stage fright what so ever. I finally get all the things I want.... a guy I really like and can respect where things just keep getting better... the AM shift at work with weekends off a near future possibility... to be a pinup on Lindy Hop (I am Febuary of this year)... to go back to school and finish... to be cool with my swing dance friends again... to be in a good quartet and be good at singing barbershop... to be the best in my front row... I have accomplished all these things... and now they are all going to go away. The guy is moving away, I don't have weekends off yet, in fact I have split days off this week, I haven't seen the pinups yet and it is only a day away from showing up on the website, I think I might be taking a class I have taken before and I should have taken one more class this semester so I would be that much closer to finishing.. the swing group seems to be migrating in a weird way... new people and people moving... my quartet doesn't seem to be getting any better and the chorus is seriously dragging and its just not fun anymore... I feel like I have reached a plateau. AND it would be different if I actually could use my know how but no I am "too young" and I am 24. The problem is I started the chorus at 17 and they still see me as 17. I don't know what to do right now. I could transfer somewhere but then it would take me even longer to finish, but I might actually learn something. UNLV sucks. I could go to grad school somewhere but I would have to decide what I wanted a degree in. I could just move and work in a coffee shop somewhere but I would just be at square one. I need to live completely on my own and find real people that I can count on. And then maybe someday I will get to fall in love again, this time with someone who truely loves me back. Someone I can actually trust.. and then that person would be number 3 on the list of people I actually trust. Someone I can trust my feelings with too. Damn I feel so pathetic right now. Thats what happens I guess... makes me wonder why I keep trying and why I think I will try again. blah. I gotta go.

Saturday, January 29, 2005

Tag website

I just found this awesome website (because someone in the barbershop forum posted it) that has all these tags and the tags broken down into their parts... totally cool!!! Its: if you are into barbershop and know what a tag is and you like tags (like all good barbershoppers do) then you will like this website =D

Sunday, January 09, 2005

The Great Nerding

Last night was the first Nerding that I had ever been to. LOL! Actually, that is the name that Peter called the social gathering we had last night that included watching the extended DVD version of The Return of the King, drinking, and smokin' the hooka. Really... a hooka. Not illegal, just flavored smoke. (Didn't want you to get the wrong idea) It was fun. Of course I came over after having worked from 7am to 6:45pm so I was tired and sore and it took a little while and a drink or two for my muscles to relax. Kayla and I played a round of HALO while Marc and Peter went to get the pizzas and she was trying to help me get better at aiming so she was bouncing around in front of me, not shooting, trying to get me to shoot her in the head. I am soo bad at this... there has got to be something I am not getting about all this. Anyway, she would do that, then kill me, then do that again. But what she did help me on was knowing where I am in the Beaver Creek map. SO at that map I should at least be better by being able to tell where I am and where stuff is. I am at work again right now. Its my FRIDAY!!! Two days of no work, but I have to sing so I still can't have any fun. =( I wanna day with no responsibilities. Just one day a week. Boy, I hope I end up with weekends off soon. Then I would have two days off with nothing that I "have" to do. I'm hungry.

Saturday, January 08, 2005

Things I like 010805

ok so I have noticed things that I like or that have made me feel all warm and fuzzy this week so I decided to list them:
1. Rocket launchers in HALO2
2. Old Asian guys named Ernie
3. Construction workers on their way home (they seem really happy and fun)(NOT the cat-calling kind)
4. Spending an awesome morning with Peter
5. Glidey smooth swing songs that aren't too slow
6. New far away friends that appriciate your rambling mind
7. Boyfriends who surprise you with genuine boyfriend behaviour
8. Millie
9. Being on a HALO team with Millie and Peter, especially when we all have rocket launchers
10. Dancing with Corey
11. Warm housecoats bought for next Christmas given early to fight the 4am cold- thank you Mom =)
12. Old friends who never lose their "new car smell"

Tuesday, January 04, 2005

electronic improvement

Wahoo! Peter and I just bought an Xbox today... now we can play HALO and get better so when we play with all of our swing dancin' friends we won't be the two worst players out there. Plus its fun. And I have my own controller. Its blue. I am going to put stickers or something on it so that if I take it to a HALO night I won't lose it. Oh and I am supossed to be getting my cell number put into my name today so I will have a new phone too!!! yeay me!!! =D My number is currently on a shared plan with my friend Melissa but she moved to GA so now I am just gonna have my own plan. Well, gotta go play some HALO!!!

Monday, January 03, 2005


ok so I just wrote this blog and somehow it dissapeared. this makes me aaaannnnnggggrrrrryy
here is the short version:
some use all the time some just for one thing and often forget. bf has a password on phone for picture viewing etc so you can't delete a bad pic of yourself. ugly people I have dated have broken into email passwords and messed with my email. an ex got mad cause I called someone he didn't know
last night
watched Duets and The Broken Hearts Club with bf. He liked them... not very common for me that people like my fav movies. I recommend Duets to anyone but Broken Hearts only to those "relaxed and groovy" types. Basically if you are a conservative don't bother.
This was sooo much better the first time around.