Thursday, February 10, 2005

barbershop girl, where are you???

ok so a few weeks ago someone wrote me saying if I ever wanna talk barbershop, write her back but then I didn't save the message soon enough in my email and now I have lost the address... so if you read this, please write again!!! Thanks =D

Tuesday, February 01, 2005

I am a pinup!

Ok so every month there is a different swing dance girl that Millie or Seth or both know that they ask to be the pinup on the website. I was asked to be February. Yeay! So if you wanna see the first pic go to They change the pic every four days or so.. maybe less cause its a short month. There is an archive of past pinups in the photo gallery and you can see any of the pics that you missed there as well. I think its cute and I am happy with it. =D It was a last minute thing because the original Feb decided not to do it at the last minute and they said they were planning on me for a different month but then asked if I could do it for Feb instead since they were out a pinup. I am way excited about this. Go see it! =D yeay!