Monday, May 19, 2008

This weekend

My hairdryer has decided to stop working. Now I need a new one. I have had it for a bit but its still annoying.
Mom came over yesterday and helped me start to organize things. Melissa and I went to dinner and saw Speed Racer in IMAX on Saturday. I actually had moments in the movie where I realized that I hadn't been that excited about something in a long time. I love movies. I get so wrapped up in them. I guess I can't limit that to movies. I love TV Shows with arching plotlines and character delevopment. I love book series that invlove the same character through several stories or use different characters in the same world just at different, occasionally overlapping, times. I tend to find an author I like and stick with them. I have a few key authors that I follow.

In no particular order:
Tanya Huff
Jim Butcher
Laurel K Hamilton
Tamora Pierce (haven't read her child fiction stuff though)
L.J. Smith
Raymond E Fiest

I know I like other authors but I have followed these authors for a while and try to read everything they write. L.J. Smith was an 8th grade and highschool favorite. Tamora Pierce was a high school favorite as well but I think her sytle doesn't really have an age limit. Tanya Huff is funny. No matter how serious her books get, there is always a layer of humor added in. Some of her books have hardly any seriousness to them at all. If you get the chance, read "Summon the Keeper".