Monday, May 28, 2007

Life from the Desk

I am at work. I know, how can I post from work? Well, that’s a wonderful blogger secret, which can be found under the email section of your settings. I have a lot of mental traffic right now. I loved seeing my friends on Friday night. I want to keep going out cause I miss them. I also felt more like myself than I had in a long time.

Oh I have to make a comment. My family keeps saying things like I have become so much calmer since Chris and I got together. I don’t know what they mean. I think I have been around someone I trust completely and I have been able to be myself and he accepts me for that and I think that has helped me settle into my own skin as it were. I am also getting older and I think you calm down with age as well although I never thought of myself as being the opposite of calm. Maybe a little hyper but that’s all.

So today at work is slow because it is Memorial Day. Half the office is gone. Traffic was freakin awesome this morning too. Chris is off today. I completely forgot about that until just now. Blah. I

I have been sending text messages into my network of friends this weekend. I like texting. I can just state things or ask questions straight out without dancing around the issue or putting emotion behind it.

This weekend was a busy one. RING! Sang on the City of Lights show Friday night. After that I went to the Aruba for some swing dancing and talking. I left there at about 5am. Slept some Sat morning and then Chris and I went to hang out with Brad and Cherie Sat night. Brad cooked (always a good thing) and we finished off two bottles of red while playing apples to apples and family business. I had fun J I really like them. And Benji (their son) is the cutest kid in existence. I can’t believe I have known them for a little over two years now. Sunday I went to Keiker’s baby shower and drank wine coolers with Bethany and Paul. It was at Karla’s house and I had a good time even though I went into a stupid rant about worky things at the end cause I was talking to worky people and drinking. Blah =P But it was all good.

Tonight Chris and I are going to make our Mii characters on our new Wii and I am going to play Raymonds Rabbits cause I have been looking forward to that for a while. I am hungry. I think I am going to go to lunch.