Saturday, February 07, 2009

Rainy Day Musings

I was driving in the rain today and my mind started to wonder. Due to one of those friend survey things I started thinking about friends and boyfriends of my past... particularly Smiley. He was absolutely in love with me and he and I were great together. I loved him too but I was 15 and we were so great together that our friends started making jokes about a shot-gun wedding if we didn't get married and I got freaked. In true me form, I didn't want to miss out on anything and I felt like 15 was too young to find the person I would be with forever. Actually, my consciousness of my age kept me from falling all the way in love with anyone until I was smacked in the face with it at 18.

Anyway, as I was driving I was listening to a barbershop CD and I realized that if I had stayed with Smiley, I never would have dated Matt, which means I never would have learned about the lohans and I wouldn't have spent all that time in kung fu and met Sifu and eventually rented a room from him and his family when my mom moved to St. Martin. And then, odds are I wouldn't have seen the commercial for the Celebrity City Chorus right after I moved in so I wouldn't have started singing in Sweet Adelines when I did and I would have missed out on the last 10 years of my singing life.

Its amazing how people can come into your life and take it in a totally new direction that you never expected. Even now, I can track my life event by choices I made and people I knew. I met Chris thru my ex-roommate and high school friend Chance. He had known Chris for over a decade and he invited both of us to a bbq at his house. Chris and I end up dating and I meet his friends. I become friends with his friends. Chris and I lived together and became engaged. We end the engagement and are still friends today (cause I can't let go of awesome people in my life) but I ended up being the social one with the friends I met thru him because he rarely ventures outside of his highly technologically driven house. And through those friends, I met Joe. And now we live together and have a brand new baby girl. A year or two ago I would not have predicted my life now. :)