Thursday, July 21, 2005

oh my! Thats life....

Been a while... interesting but I haven't been writing a lot lately. That will change. I am taking Creative Writing : Fiction 2 this fall. I took the first one a couple of years ago and I really liked it. The fact that I had to get stuff written so the class could critique actually got me to sit down and write. That is why I am taking the class. I want to write. And if I am any good at it I will go to school for it =D I was always good at the writing parts of my English classes. I have enough stories to tell... ones inspired by my strangely detail oriented dreams... ones that I can write based on my life... and then stuff I just daydream about. Life is strange, and I am stranger. Once again I have three different lives in my head... I want to live all of them but I have to choose one... I tend to do that. Just hang out until a situation smacks me in the face. That hasn't worked with school though so I think I am going to take a different route. I am going to start trying things that I might like and see if something clicks. One of my first subjects to try? Programming. Chris said he would show me some stuff. I wonder if I have the patience for it or not. If I do... then it could be really cool because I have a good artistic eye and I am a linguistics major... so add computers with that and I could be doin fine... I might even work with my unlces at universal which would be awesome. But I don't know ... we have to see how good I am first... and if it is something I can stand for more than 20 mins at a time. At the very least I should be able to post pics in myspace bulletins and stuff.... so thats cool. Well, thats probably enough for now. more later I promise. =D

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