Monday, December 27, 2004

Holiday Seasoned

Merry Christmas late!!!

It was a nice quiet Christmas... all of my siblings are not around right now so it ended up being Mom Gary me and Peter. We did the Present thing and the Dinner thing and Stocking thing and then we did the movie thing. We saw Lemony Snickett's A Series of Unfortunate Events. I don't think that people are going to get the setup of that movie quite as well if they have not read any of the books. Granted they are written for eight year olds but I read the first two when they got popular just to see what they were all about.

Tonight I am going to go out for my birthday (even though that was 12 days ago, its just so hard to plan anything around this time) we are going to go to the Piano Bar in the NYNY... otherwise known as the Bar at Times Square. They have dueling pianos there and people get drunk and sing along. I have always wanted to go there but never have. I hope that there are plenty of people there tonight... it would be fun with a crowd.

I have New Years Eve and Day off from work so that means I can actually do something cool for New Years. I am not sure what though. Peter wants to do the strip thing cause he just moved here and I have never done the strip thing but I am not sure I want to. I don't want to get stuck there I don't want to have to worry about driving or any of that. I want to go to a party where I can not think about things like designated drivers and I can just crash. hmm... I wonder how I could do both. I know that if we got to the strip we have to stay there until after the turning of the year. My parents are having a party and they invited me to invite my friends as well but I don't think all those people are going to fit into that house. bah. I'll tell ya what happens later.

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