Thursday, December 23, 2004

Singin and stuff

yesterday Peter and I sang together for the first time. He is an AWESOME singer but he sings SATB stuff not barbershop like me. I learned one of his songs so that we could sing together. He said that I have an awesome ear and later I heard him tell someone on the phone that I learned the song faster than the sopranos in his old choral group. We are forming a quartet that does his type of music and I will be singing alto. Its kinda cool because I have never done this kind of music before. At the same time it sounds weird to me. The songs are funny or in another language. I am used to having a story line in my music and singing in english. Actually, these two types of music are so different that I haveto sing differently to make it work because I'll tell you.. I am a very good barbershop singer. I have a lot of experience and several higher ups in the business stroking my ego. Pretty cool huh? I think so.. I have worked to get to this point and it is very important to me. Anyways, so my dad got me a keyboard for my birthday and I am starting to learn some theory stuff and this music thing is taking a whole new road for me.

In other news... I still have not gone out for my birthday. It is just too hard to plan something around sing outs and Christmas parties and work and Christmas and New Years and people visiting. So it looks like January. Oh well. At least I am trying to do something for it cause I rarely get to. I went out to dinner with Peter Mom and Gary. That was cool. And Pirate Tony and I went to Disneyland and saw my dad. That was cool too. After New Years my life is going to get crazy. Work is going to be nuts for the next three or four months (all the conventions in town) plus we are going into competition mode with the quartet and chorus (well, hosting mode with the chorus but we are getting ready for international again) and I will be in school. mi vida loca. Lets see how well I do huh? =D blah. Oh and I have to buy a car and find a place in the next 5 months. (my sis gets out of jail so I have to hand over the car I have been paying on and my mom and gary are moving to HI for a year... but its time to get out again anyway) Peter just got a job tutoring math and physics and chem that will pay him well and has as of yesterday made him very happy. So thats good for him. Well, I am still trying to figure this picture thing out so those posts will come later. bye for now.

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