Saturday, January 08, 2005

Things I like 010805

ok so I have noticed things that I like or that have made me feel all warm and fuzzy this week so I decided to list them:
1. Rocket launchers in HALO2
2. Old Asian guys named Ernie
3. Construction workers on their way home (they seem really happy and fun)(NOT the cat-calling kind)
4. Spending an awesome morning with Peter
5. Glidey smooth swing songs that aren't too slow
6. New far away friends that appriciate your rambling mind
7. Boyfriends who surprise you with genuine boyfriend behaviour
8. Millie
9. Being on a HALO team with Millie and Peter, especially when we all have rocket launchers
10. Dancing with Corey
11. Warm housecoats bought for next Christmas given early to fight the 4am cold- thank you Mom =)
12. Old friends who never lose their "new car smell"

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