Wednesday, April 27, 2005

In need of advice

Ok so... Someone has been messing with me at work for the last two months. I haven't said anything because like all my problems in life I try to ignore them in hopes that they will go away. Stay cool, stay calm... and if you don't get riled up they will get board or something and go away. Not the case here. The mystery for the longest time was... who would risk their job by messing with someone like that? Its stupid highschool crap that doesn't belong in a work place. This person is actually attacking me because they are mad at my boss. They think they can get to my boss through me but they don't realize that I actually haven't told my boss anything about the situation.. other co-workers have been telling her. To top it off... they have now angered the entire managerial staff. So at this point... I have been told that I must handle it or the managers will handle it for me. What sucks is that we are understaffed and can't afford to loose anyone right now... and that is what this person is facing. Loosing their job. I can't understand the mentality of someone this dumb and childish. And what this person doesn't realize is that everyone thinks the whole thing is "explitive deleted up". And some people are literally saying that "someone needs to get fired over this". So I am sending out an official request for advice on how to handle this situation. Whats your opinion???

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Esazrael said...

Well, it depends on what the details of the situation actually is. Some things need to be handled with care, which sounds like the issue you're dealing with. I can tell you, however, that the direct approach is usually the best; what you say has to be carefully thought out. Evidently this person is very immature, which seems to make up a good deal of the work force signing on to careers nowadays.