Monday, October 17, 2005


This weekend Chris and I painted a room purple. My choice. And pretty soon his room will be some shade of blue. I just have to decide on what. Ok so I have calmed down a little about the moving in thing... maybe cause I am not thinking about it, I am just fixing the things that bug me the most about the place so I will feel better about moving there. Because time is short, I am going to talk to the office of my apartment complex about getting an extra month... or I will just have to move very very quickly... or sign another 6 month lease and use those 6 months to get Chris' house ready for me. Magical Trevor rocks. Ok anyway, so I need to get all this stuff figured out.

I got a bill in the mail for a procedure I had done in 2003. They are saying I owe about 550 dollars for a biopsey. yeay me. Only I believe I was on my mom's insurance because I was 22 at the time (it was before my birthday, as most things are) and in college so I qualified to be on her plan. Which means this should have already been taken care of. TWO YEARS AGO. I think someone somewhere goofed up but now I have to hope that Mom has this info somewhere and what happens when you get a past bill like this? Its not like I can put it on my insurance now. grrr. So thats the other stupid thing in my life. Besides my hatred for Target Red Card. But thats another story. Anyway, gotta go.

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