Monday, October 31, 2005


ok so ... I just have to brag on my boyfriend. This weekend I had to go to a barbershop seminar weekend because I am somehow intermingled with the regional staff and I am in the third place medalist quartet WILDFIRE. I had to work on Friday so I couldn't go with the rest of the quartet on Thursday... and then Chris offered to drive me and hang out for the weekend... and he was great. Wildfire has adopted him as our Cabana Boy and he was introduced as such to every room we went into Saturday night. He told me that people kept asking him if he sang or not. Then they would ask him how old he was... followed by the question, "How old is she?" Cause no one really knows... I surprise people with that all the time. Something interesting I have been noticing recently though... there are a bunch of people younger than me who are married and some who have kids as well... and I am starting to get weird. I have always wanted kids... now I feel it. Tonight I made Chris go get candy so I could pass it out to all the little kids that came to our door. They were sooo cute! Oh and speaking of cute... on the way back from Bakersfield Sunday Chris and I stopped off at Starbucks and there was this adorable young couple with the cutest baby. I know I probably shouldn't, but I keep joking with Chris about that. I know it is a later on down the road thing but I guess the hormones are just kicking in. Plus I really love kids. Anyway, Chris takes all of this in stride. He really is someone I am lucky to have met. I often wander off in my head a lot and no one ever gets all that mish mash but Chris gets a regular dose of my wandering mind all the time and he is great about it. Well, I should stop babbling... got to get some sleep so that I can get to writing tomorrow. More about that on the WIPs page later. =)

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