Monday, November 07, 2005


I just finished the trim and touch-ups on the purple room.. all that is left is the door frame and possibly the door, oh and we are going to replace the closet doors with mirrored doors. yeay! I can't wait to take all the plastic off the floor and clean out the room so I can see it as it really is. The home gym thing has been moved... I am going to post a "who wants it" on a forum or two so that it doesn't go to waist. Same with the couch and love seat set. But I am thinking of holding off on the couch thing until we get a table or another couch (to replace the other one, yes there are two couches and a love seat involved here). But I really want to be able to move my futon or desk in and right now the loveseat is taking up that space. Made a salad tonight and made my own dressing... thanks MOM! =D Called her the other day for tips on that. Also cleaned out my car tonight as well. Now I just have to go through all the crap that I brought into the house. I have this thing against throwing away information so I have lots of little pieces of paper with random bits of information on them. I have decided to start a database on my laptop (got a laptop! did I tell ya that?) that way I won't lose the info and I won't have to keep all those old pieces of paper. Well, lots more to do.. I need to work on my German homework but its time for bed... I have chorus tomorrow night so it will be a late late night. bye =)

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