Saturday, January 12, 2008

don't wanna get up...

So I was going to sleep in this morning a little bit.. ha ha ha. I went to bed at 2am and woke up at 7am. Thats only 5 hours. I blame the huge, bright window next to the bed that I am currently staying in. How did I ever sleep in before? This used to be my room when I lived here. Now my step-sis Christine occupies it. She is out of town. Good timing for me but she gets back next weekend. Still tired.

Quartet is singing today. We are singing the Anthem for Metro for some event at the Suncoast. I didn't want to go in to work today, but I have to do a bill review for SAP FKOM, my other big group. Once they are gone I will be very very happy. Actually, compared to ASF, FKOM is easy and just something I need to be over so I can rope in ASF. Funny, they have problems with every other department though... apparently Palazzo still has some cleaning up to do. Understandable since its only been open a week. Tomorrow should be fun... 3000 arrivals.

I still need my quartet clothes for the gig today. I went over to the house last night after I left and realized I didn't have my keys... so there I am, exhausted, 11:45pm in the cold sitting in my car staring at the house I have been in for the last 2 years... knowing my stuff was in there and my house key is a 1 hour roundtrip car ride away. Oh and Chris, who never would go out before, was gone so he couldn't let me in either. blah. such is life.

Joe is sick. He has been in the 100s for 4 days now. I told him to go back to work (the ER) and have them reevaluate because what he is taking isn't working. His roommates went to Disneyland and packed food for the trip. So he is all alone, in CA, no food, and sick. I went online and found the home delivery service for groceries. It was going to be a surprise but he wouldn't let up so I told him about it. Then he made a few sickie requests, so I modified the order... besides... I'm not there. That should be arriving today. :) I didn't tell him what was in the order though. Yeay to some element of surprise!

I should probably get ready. FKOM said they weren't going to do the bill review before 9am.. but I can't imagine it will be much later and I still need to shower, get dressed, do make-up, and drive!

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