Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Life's goals?

Ok so I am thinking of dropping a class... because I'm not really into it so I just tend to not go... which is bad. My life has recently taken a turn back to the world of the arts... I need to regain the motivation I had before and FINISH SCHOOL!!! But right now all I want to do is sing. Thats really all I can remember ever truely wanting to do... well, thats not completely accurate. I used to make up dance routines for me and my sister when I was younger... starting at the age of 4... I can remember doing it back then, who knows when I actually started. But I have always sung. I sang with my dad, with his chorus, with the radio, with the tapes... I knew every line to every song... according to my dad I knew the chorus songs better than the guys singing them did... and according to one of my dad's old friends that I know sing with occasionally in a doo wop group, I used to correct his quartet when they missed notes. Wow... so young... yet so much knowledge... where did it all go? Have I met my max capacity for information? HA! Not even close. I will be brilliant... I will be awesome.. I will do great things... even if its all in my head. At least I have a few people who cheer me on and make me feel like my big dreams aren't really that far away. But who knows... you always wonder if they are biased... well, you know my dad is =D K well, time to go sing!!!

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