Saturday, October 16, 2004

New Song

This is a song that I keep listening to over and over again even though I am not a man (you will see what I mean in the lyrics) ... I really like it. You can take it one of two ways... but I like the line "why can't I fall in love.... till I don't give a damn.. and maybe then I'll see what kind of fool I am" Ok so here goes:

In this game of love
there is only me
I have wasted all my life
I was lost but now I see
what kind of fool am I
who never fell in love
it seems that I'm the only one that i have been thinking of
what kind of man is this
an empty shell
a lonely cell in which an empty heart must dwell
what kind of lips are these
that lied with every kiss
that whispered empty words of love that left me alone like this
why can't I fall in love
like any other man
and maybe then I'll know what kind of fool I am
what kind of clown am I
what do I know of life
why can't I cast away the mask of play and live my life
why can't I fall in love
til I dont give a damn
and maybe then I'll know
what kind of fool
I am

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Kelsey said...

Hey there. I just noticed on your list of interests that you are a fellow barbershopper. That's a rare thing in my area so it kind of made me take notice. Sorry to bother you, I just think it's great. If you ever want to talk music : SeptemberSong915 on AOL. Have a great day!