Saturday, October 23, 2004

Update 102304

K so ... I am at work and it is not that busy this morning (knock on wood) so what have I been doing recently.... here is the list:
1. working
2. going to school (and I dropped that class... which I think is a good thing cause I was just doing too much.. now I have two classes and my work schedule is about to change I think so that I will be working 6am-2pm with MW off for school til the semester gets out... here's hoping... cross your fingers)
3. singing (missing chorus shoes by the way... and earrings because they were in that shoe box... even called the ex to see if I left them over there but he did not return the call so I think that is a no... which is a good thing because I really didn't want to talk to him and I had to become frantic in order to actually call in the first place)
4. swing dancing (it was soo much fun... a bunch of people showed up, even Jeremy who now lives in New Mexico)
5. listening to people talk about political things til 3am on a Thursday night
6. going to the movies (I have now seen Team America and Shaun of the Dead)
7. meeting new people (I met a bunch of Tony's family last night and I am meeting Mark's Dad today... oh and I met a new swing dancer named Peter... he just moved here a week ago)
8. listening to a loud band called Slow Children late at night at an Italian restaurant/bar with a bunch of swing dancers
Its been in interesting week =D

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