Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Musings on Life

Why are their so few people I really connect with? People that I really like and can relate to. Conversations flow like water, no effort, and we always have a good time. I want more friends like that. A girl just joined my chorus. She is so much fun and I like her alot. I hope to take advantage of this friendship because she is one of the very few girls that I really like. I tend to favor boys socially cause girls are just too complicated and weird at times.

Lately I have been feeling kinda out of the loop socially. My group of friends tend to socialize past my bedtime (I work really early in the AM) and my boyfriend is always with them and I feel like I get left alone alot. The BF is a whole different story. If I didn't call him for two weeks, I wouldn't hear from him and he would be fine with that. He thinks thats how relationships should work... where you don't have to talk to that person everyday. Well, I think that would be easier to abide by if I thought he actually gave a damn about me. It can be really good some days.... but thats if everything has been on his terms. Blah I don't wanna talk about it right now.

So, I made a learning tape for my chorus (my quartet made it) and we checked my notes by listening to my part played by itself and looking at the music and now the bari section leader, the underequiped person who has my job, is saying that I am wrong in two places. And they announced it in front of the bari section without ever discussing it with me. SO thats how I found out. They are saying that the section has been singing these two parts wrong and they learned it off the tape so the tape is wrong. I asked my tenor about it and she said we were all tired so it could have slipped by. SO I am having someone look at it for me cause I wanna know for sure.

The chorus was singing great this weekend and then on Tuesday they were muscling it and driving it down so much I couldn't stand it and I blame it all on Warren warming them up because he turns everyone's sound dark. He describes things that work for the men but need to be explained differently for women or you are going to get a different result than you expected.

I made a new friend yesterday. His name is Steven and he is in my Anth 434 class. We wrote notes back and forth all class and then ate IN 'N OUT in my car while I "culturized" him. Thats the term I use for bombarding people with barbershop music to introduce the stuff to them. I also play some other a cappella stuff like doo wop and religious (fun god songs that acappella groups sing) so they can hear the difference.

I made a new friend last week in Bio Lab when I went to another lab to make up the one I missed the day before. We studied for the bio test we had that week and I discovered that my level of intellegence requirement had been severely raised since the last time I checked my stupidity tolerance level. Peter is way into Science and Math and all kinds of things and to sit there and havbe someone say they don't get science or they don't like it or its too hard or whatever just bumms me out. Especially when they don't offer any other signs of intelegent life. You have to be brilliant at something or you don't impress me at all.

Well, I have babbled on long enough... time to get back to work.

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