Sunday, March 27, 2005

This weekend rocked!!!

I had Fri Sat off this week and I had sooo much fun. It was so cool. Thursday night was swing dancing and everyone was so into it that when the swing music went off and the club music came on everyone just started dancing and we had a blast. I drank some and I was just having a ball. Friday night was the house warming party at what I call the house of shag because of its wall to wall shag carpeting. They had a giant ice block that they made into a giant shot thing. Everyone was chanting my name to do the shot thing so I did it. It was cool... although my lip and chin got cold and wet. I think there is a picture of it out there somewhere. Saturday morning I had my hair appointment so now I am a red head again. pics on soon. And Saturday night was my friends' 50th wedding anniversary. It was really neat. They renewed their vows and my friend Kyley (who happens to be their granddaughter) modeled Dottie's wedding dress because it fit her exactly. There was a slideshow of pictures of their life together and of the family and then Stardust (men's quartet) and Wildfire (my quartet) sang for everyone. It really was a lot of fun. SO that was my weekend. =D Oh, Happy Easter! I am at work and my mom is in Cali because tomorrow my sister gets out of federal prision and goes to a half way house and mom is driving her. Thats the other news in my life. Besides contest being this weekend. Oh and my bass's husband's sister died and so my bass will be gone and I won't see her until contest this weekend. Other news??? nah.. thats enough for this blog. =D

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