Wednesday, March 23, 2005

weekly update

This last week was interesting. Peter has been in Boston so I have not had to deal with that situation for a whole week. He got back last night and I will probably not see him until swing tomorrow. Meanwhile... it was St. Patricks Day and I was supposed to be drinking with my friend Kayla but she got sick so I ended up going to Corey's work for a bit and drinking there and then I went early to swing and Marc met me there so I could drink with somebody. Its not that I am a big drinker or anything... I just had it in the plans that for once I would get to do something cool for St. Patty's Day and since my plans all fell through I decided to make my own St. Patricks Day fun. Swing dancing on alcohol is fun... I might actually be better when I'm a bit tipsy. (I never got drunk that night) Well, after dancing I went and met up with my friend Adam at IN-N-OUT and then I crashed sooo hard. I could not believe how tired I was and it was only midnight. Thats what you get when you work mornings I guess. SO that was Thursday. I think I will do a daily accountance.
Fri- went and ate at Chance's house. Met Chance's gf Shelly, his two roomie's Troy and Steve, and his friend Chris. Then went to Scarey Larrys with a bunch of my swing dance friends for a birthday party. That was interesting. Ended up having this long conversation with Mark in the parking lot before going home.
Sat-went and got nails done with Chance and then went over to Chris's for some DDR. He has this awesome set up in his living room for DDR... its dedicated to DDR. He has the metal pads and everything. I also met two more of their friends and they didn't use eachother's names enough for me to remember them =(
Sun-worked.... went home and slept.
Mon-worked... quartet was coached by David. We made great progress that I hope we keep. Then I stayed there and talked to David for a while.
Tues-worked... hung out a little with the new guy at work and then went home to get ready for friends and family night. Friends and family night was low key.. but I thought it would be thats why I didn't really invite people til the last minute because I didn't want to make it out to be a big deal. Chris came to friends and family night... so did David (well he was with all the other people he was coaching this past weekend) Both of them went to afterglow too. Kevin was working at Friday's last night so I got to see him too (its been a while because I don't go to glow very much these days since I have to work so early) All in all it was fun. I really like David.. he is funny. Well, I guess there are more things I could say but I think I will keep this blog boring for now.

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