Monday, March 14, 2005

Well, this weekend was an interesting one... Peter and I broke up... then played frisbee in the park the next day... and that night I got drunk and broke down. My poor friends had to deal with a blubbering me for a few hours... but I did try to keep it away from the party by confining myself to a bathroom. Thank you Corey and Millie for being there, I appriciate that a lot. Even though Peter is being kinda distant with the way that he's dealing with me I appriciate that he is letting me talk it out while I am organizing it in my head so that I will be okay. Peter is one of those people where a possible relationship could have screwed up a great friendship. I thank him for his ability to see that my emotions and romantic nature are seperate from my general like of him and our friendship... which is currently being remodeled. Wow things certainly get more complicated as one gets older.
The next order of buisness is what to do next... get myself in gear I guess... decide what I am going to do next. I know I have to move. I know I have to buy a car. I know I want to visit one of my really good friends that actually know me... I need that for my soul. I need to get a computer. I need to set myself up for some serious change because it is in the air. I want to go back to kung fu. I want to get centered again. I want to visit with old friends. Oh! thats news... k this past weekend was my kf school's grand opening of their new building and I went and I saw the old student that I had not seen in 3 or 4 years. Brian Allen Heather Dawn Dalton Bobby it was sooo cool! I really miss those guys. Anyway, I am at work... nothing is happening but I would hate to get cut-off so I will say goodbye for now.

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